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The Discovery Cube presents the Sesame Street Body Exhibit.  This exhibit offers a learning experience set in the familiar world of Sesame Street. It also features an exciting collection of hands-on, interactive and multimedia experiences that allow children to explore the human body.



The Discovery Cube is a science museum for kids and is divided into 4 sections :


1- The first floor houses the exhibit. It also houses the theater, the gift shop, and several machines and computers for simulation purposes. The simulation machines include a density mixer that shows how fluids with different density separate into different layers; a hologram gimmick that shines an image through the air; a water vortex that swirls the water down the drain in a cyclical fashion while balancing the centrifugal force and the water gravity; and a tank wave that shows the tsunami effect. Your kid can also make cloud rings by pressuring down the water vapor.There is a climbing wall for kids. There is a long wooden stand that houses several computers each with a specialized software like face recognition/design, weather forecast, light microscopy and electron microscopy. The back of first floor leads into the Dino Yard.

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2- The Sesame Body Exhibit: It is located on the first floor. It is fun for kids. The exhibit demonstrates the body system for the 3-6 years old. It is pretty simplified and is appropriate for this targeted age group. The background is very very noisy caused by the shouting , screaming , laughing and running. The first part is a a grocery shop for buying and cooking food. Then you will find Rosita running track followed by the bone exhibit  and the GI tract. Many machines are interactive where the child can press buttons , turn wheels or jump around to get results  that demonstrate the basic function of each system.


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3- The second floor: It includes a planetary and a cosmos exhibit. It highlights Rover-Curiosity the mobile science lab sent to Mars. It has another section that shows the science of hockey. Another one focuses on cell biology. The second floor leads to the Cube which houses a hand-on launching rocket interactive game.


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4- The Dino Yard: It is the backyard of the Discovery Cube. It houses a giant dinosaur that you can walk through with a hands-on dinosaur digestive system in motion. Here is 2 photos we took few years ago.

























The science center is a fun place to go; however , most of the center exhibits are more than 4 years old and lacks new and exciting stuff (other than the Sesame Street exhibit which will end on May 1). It seems that it needs an overhaul which is very difficult given current economy. Nevertheless, it is a science icon for Southern California.

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