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At my wit's end by SnarkyMommy.com

I heard all about how the Terrible 3s are the new Terrible 2s. About how awful 3 is because the child, he has an opinion and the need to express it and the ability to express it. Couple that with the insistence on doing everything himself from putting on his shoes (thank you Velcro) to brushing his own teeth (hello, tooth decay) to deciding how many minutes he will play before gracing us with his presence at the table ("One minute, Mommy, one minute") to getting in his own carseat (which only… Continue

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Orlando! ...or Bust by busydad.com

What gets a kid out of bed at 6:45am without a fuss? Disneyworld!

What gets a kid to ask "Dad, can I just do all my homework now so I can have free time all week?" Disneyworld!

What gets a kid and his buddies so jazzed that they do nothing but "use the Force" on every automatic door at the airport? Disneyworld!

What possesses you to check in your luggage, despite the fact that the ticket agent tells you… Continue

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What Goes Crunch, Crunch, Crunch In The Dark? by dadthing.com

Wednesday night we had a really bad storm come through town. I was driving home from work and had to literally stop on the freeway due to zero visibility with my wipers on hyper speed. The wind gusts were downright mindshattering. I was driving my truck (which doubles as a wind sail during storms due to it’s large side profile) and could actally feel the truck lift up when the wind was hitting me head on. The news said we had near 70 MPH wind gusts!

Anyways, I made it home without… Continue

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Bathing Beauty?

Source: According to Kelly

Outside the sky is dark & the rain is coming down so hard, i actually think it might be time to start building my ark. and yet, i find myself dragging (or did i actually waddle?) my extremely round, extremely large, extremely pregnant self out to the car to go.... bathing suit shopping.

Have I lost my mind? not exactly the self-esteem booster that i am desperately in need of! but, with both my doctor & chiropractor forbidding me from… Continue

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Battery Overload by Dad thing by Dadthing.com

If we put all the batteries, in all of Ace’s toys together we could probably power a small town for a short period of time!

Do they even make toys any more that do not make noise, flash lights, or dance? What happened to playing with blocks? How about Lincoln Logs?

Can a stuffed animal be just a stuffed animal? Does it have to have a mouth that moves? Does it have to do back flips or cartwheels?

Remember Tonka… Continue

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