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Two Birds and an Egg…by Dadthing

Momma went to Grandma’s house today to get ready for Ace’s big birthday party tomorrow, so it was a guys house today. Me and Ace doing what guys do best…a whole lotta nothing.

Nah, we did more than nothing. We spent most of the afternoon outside swinging on the swingset, throwing the ball, and playing in the sandbox. We went for a walk and watched the birds sing back by the creek. It was a great Dad/Son boding day…

After dinner I gave Ace a bath and then started to read… Continue

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When you understimate your kid... and get humiliated

I like computer games and spend some time on and other stuff. I refrained, however, from buying a Nintendo for a long time. My daughter of 7 years wanted the WII game and we ended buying it. The last time I played with a joystick was 18 years ago with an Atari.

To some it short, I wanted it to supplement her Math studies with extra homework. So we made a bet: if I win a game, she will have to make 4 pages of grade 2 exercises (about quotient, numerator and denominator);… Continue

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Potty training? by According to Kelly

So the countdown has begun! less than two months until the soon-to-be pampered princess is scheduled to make her arrival. am i ready? not really. but, that "nesting" urge has definitely started to take over. suddenly i'm feeling the urge to take a toothbrush to the baseboards & make sure they really are clean. the other urge i'm feeling, but trying hard to resist, is the need, no want, to potty-train owen.

with gavin, i didn't even attemp to potty-train until he was 3 - but… Continue

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Going Under The Knife

Not me, not Momma, but Ace. You heard me right…my little boy will be going in for surgery in a few weeks.

Now calm down, it is nothing life threatening, but it is still scary for me. Just the though of him being given some anesthetic and being knocked out with hoses and stuff shoved down his throat make my stomach feel funny.

The thought of some doctor, cutting him open with a scalpel sends shivers down my spine. I can just picture him lying there on a table, with all of… Continue

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The Tooth Fairy Cometh By Mike on

My son lost a tooth at school the other day. He has been so excited about the prospect of losing this tooth because he is saving up to buy a Wii and this pearly white will get him several steps closer to his goal. He excitedly told all his classmates about it and wouldn’t you know it, one of his know it all classmates told him that there was no such thing as “The Tooth Fairy”. What a kill joy.

Just a little bit of trivial information, we didn’t have a “Tooth Fairy” growing up; being… Continue

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At my wit's end

I heard all about how the Terrible 3s are the new Terrible 2s. About how awful 3 is because the child, he has an opinion and the need to express it and the ability to express it. Couple that with the insistence on doing everything himself from putting on his shoes (thank you Velcro) to brushing his own teeth (hello, tooth decay) to deciding how many minutes he will play before gracing us with his presence at the table ("One minute, Mommy, one minute") to getting in his own carseat (which only… Continue

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My New Life

Well my trip to NC turned into a permanent relocation. I'm now a single mom and on my own for the first time in my life. I'm so glad to be back where I grew up and close to my family again. I hope Family Igloo expands beyond Southern California again so we can connect families all over the nation or world to do things like political activism.

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