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Create Free Back Links To Mom Blogs By Entering The Website Profile on http://www.FamilyIgloo.com


Here is an easy way to create free profile, add free backlinks, and drive more readers to Mom Blog sites:

-Sign Up to FamilyIgloo with a legitimate email

-Fill in the profile

1) Fill in Zip Code and City

2) Under Igloo legal status, check complicated checkbox

3) Scroll down to "Enter your profession if not listed": Enter "Business "

4) Scroll Down to Website and Enter the link to your… Continue

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You Can Afford To Stay Home With Your Kids

Are you working outside of the home? Have you ever considered leaving work to stay home with your kids, but don't know how you'll ever get by on one income? Then "You Can Afford To Stay Home With Your Kids" is the book for you. It's a Step by Step guide for converting your family from two incomes to one.

For this review I used my own personal copy of the book that I purchased from Amazon.com…


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How Much Is It Costing You To Work?

Did you realize that it's actually costing you to work? I'm talking about work related expenses, such as childcare, work clothing etc. If you're a working mom who would like to stay at home with her kids, then you have to figure out just how much money is left over after you deduct all work related expenses. That amount (and not your net salary) is what you are really contributing to the household each month. And if you wish to work at home, then you need to know just how much your home based… Continue

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Making The Transition From Working Mom to Stay At Home Mom

Making the transition from a dual income family to a single income family can be tough. Here are 5 things I wish someone had told me before I quit my job and became a stay at home mom.

1. Without my paycheck, things I considered necessities became occasional luxuries. In order to survive on my husband's paycheck alone I had to eliminate (or dramatically reduce) the following "necessities":

* Professional manicures, pedicures and facials.

* Expensive high maintenance… Continue

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Tax Deductions and Tips For Families by FamilyIgloo

Tax Deductions and Tips For Families by FamilyIgloo


(Free-Press-Release.com) March 18, 2010 -- In collaboration with Christopher Caira (FMC), FamilyIgloo is publishing some tips for tax deductions for families. Check out these useful links:

-- Discover The Many Benefits of an IRA



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Ideas For Family Fun at the Library

There are so many family-friendly, fun activities that you can probably do something different every weekend. But somehow it isn't always easy to come up with ideas that suit you, your children, your budget and your geographic location. So where do you come up with budget-friendly, family-friendly ideas? I suggest that you look no further than your local library. (And I'm not suggesting that you get some books to read, although that's lots of fun, too!)

The local library is a… Continue

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The Importance Of Playing With Your Child.

Childhood is fleeting and goes by so fast. It's easy to make the mistake of thinking that you'll always be dealing with dirty diapers, homework, driving the kids to and from school and after-school activities, tantrums, teenage mood swings and visits to the pediatrician. And in making this mistake, you may make an even bigger one. You may neglect to play with your children and spend quality time with them TODAY! It's so easy to brush off your children's requests for time, attention and play… Continue

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Creating A Family Mission Statement

Does Your Family Have A Mission Statement?

While I’ve always been aware of the importance of having a personal mission statement, I was unaware of just how important it is to create a family mission statement. After all, how could several people with conflicting needs and interests all want the same thing?

Having a family mission statement is not only possible, but vitally important. The family is under attack like never before. The media, popular culture, lack of time,… Continue

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Time Management Tips For Busy Moms

Time, the one thing there never is enough of. If you’re anything like me, and the other moms I know, you’re always saying “I need more time.” Is your daily to-do list so long you’d need 72 hours a day just to complete it? While I can’t promise to give you a 72 hour clock, I can give you some tips for making the most out of the 24 hours you do have.

1. Create a to-do list. This is absolutely essential if you want to get the most out of your day. You can write your list first thing in… Continue

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Putting the "Family" Back in Family Meals

Putting the "Family" Back in Family Meals

By Stacie Noble-Wiebe

A dear friend of mine told me that she and her family usually eat different suppers at different times, while watching TV. How many of you can relate to her story?

Just this past week, they began a new tradition. She feeds her daughter a healthy snack when she arrives home from school. One substantial enough to carry her through…


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Why Is Short Term Memory So Important For Your ADD/ADHD Child

I would often get annoyed and frustrated with my ADHD son because I would tell him to finish his snack and get started on his homework only to find him playing outside or watching TV.

When I asked him why, his usual response was that he forgot. He was also very forgetful in general, as most children with ADD are.

ADD kids have trouble with both long-term and short-term memory. The problem these children experience with Short-term memory is that they cannot keep something… Continue

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