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Interesting Parenting Tactic

I have read that on my friend Karen's blog:

"My oldest (now 10) and middle (will be 6 in August) are now at an age where money means something to them. I pay them $1 a day based on behavior. They have to behave at school, get ready in the mornings with minimal fuss (I am the judge of the fuss level), help with chores around the house, etc. If they do ALL of this, they earn their $1. If they do most of it, I often still give them their $1 but the $1 comes with a message to improve… Continue

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I am in dire need of help! My 5 year old daughter has really been acting out lately

I got this by email ; I am not sure about the source (? mom) but I thought it is worth sharing :

"I am in dire need of help! My 5 year old daughter (who was absolutely perfect before she started Kindergarten) has really been acting out lately. I find she wants to wear make-up, dress really risqué, and is talking back and even throwing things at me. Since about December “NO!” has been her favorite word when ever we ask her to do anything. She was caught Friday kissing a boy at… Continue

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Pinching their pennies.

i think it's time i invest in a piggy bank for my boys. lately, they've been scavenging the house looking for all sorts of loose change & "millions of dollars" as gavin calls the paper money. they know &/or have found all my hiding spots for change & have completely cleaned me out. today i stumbled across this pile of money on one of their dressers. before i could gather it up, gavin quickly informed me that he was saving up for the hungry hungry hippos game. at the rate he is… Continue

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New meaning to "grab me a cold one" by SnarkyMom

Yesterday afternoon, the kids and my mom and I were all playing in the living room after naptime when Jack announced he wanted his milk. Because he is growing about an inch a day lately, he can now reach the shelf in the fridge and get his own cup. This is no small feat, as we have a lower freezer door, making the shelf a pretty good stretch for him, but it makes it a lot easier for me to not have to get up off my ass and get his cup for him.… Continue

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Happy Earth Day!

My son asked if Earth Day was The Earth's Birthday I said.... It should be!!! So, we sang Happy Birthday to our wonderful Earth this morning!

Click on over for an Earth Day Freebie.... Mickey Goes Green~

Don't forget, Disneynature's Earth opens today!…


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Places To Take The Kids for Spring Break (series)...The Hannah Montana Movie

Ever since we saw her first concert, Miley Cyrus won me over! She performs like a rock star singing her heart out and gives each show her all. And after meeting her, I was convinced Billy Ray's real talent is in raising his daughter... not singing or haircuts!!! I personally am excited to take Nick and his friends to see this kid flick. I am anticipating an "afterschool special" type of message. Wouldn't that be… Continue

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Places To Take The Kids for Spring Break

Spring Break is just around the corner which means the kids will be out of school. If you're anything like me you'll do anything to keep from hearing those dreaded three words "Mom, I'm Bored". So here's the deal, I will be posting the top places to take your kiddos in 2009. Check here, here, and… Continue

Added by HappyHourMom on April 9, 2009 at 5:38pm — 2 Comments

Missing: one snarky mommy by snarkymommy.com

I was looking back at my archives last week and I have come to the realization that I have lost the funny. I can't pinpoint it and say, "Well damn, on July 13 I was hilarious and by July 15, I just didn't have it anymore." It's just I feel a little, well, off.

Sure, high-risk pregnancy is money when it comes to comedic blog posts. I mean who isn't catching their breath after laughing themselves into an asthma attack over the description of a dildocam session documenting yet another… Continue

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A Sink, A Crib, And (Thank God) A TV With Nickelodeon by Dadthing.com

I mentioned recently that Ace would have to go in for surgery.

He had an umbilical hernia. Basically the opening in his belly where his umbilical cord went into his body had never closed. When he would strain, even just a little bit, his belly button would pop out. Actually it was his insides (intestines) pushing out through his belly button.

While not an immediate threat, there would always be the possibility that some of his intestines would pop out this umbilical hernia… Continue

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wish me luck...by according to Kelly

Last week i visited the dentist for the first time in years. go ahead... chastise me, gasp, raise your eyebrows. it's one of the things that i've needed to do, that's always at the back of my head, but i'm always great at finding a excuse not to go - lack of time, lack of dental insurance, lack of money, & my favorite one, "but my teeth don't hurt". seeing that it's finally dawned on me that i'm having a third child, which really does mean a lack of time & money, i felt like it was… Continue

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