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Some Terrifying Stats All Single Parents MUST Be Aware Of.


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Tips For Teaching The ADD/ADHD Child

Speaking from personal experience, this author can tell

you that having an ADHD child in the classroom can be one of

life’s most difficult situations. ADHD children require a lot of

attention and constant supervision to be kept on task.

When there are several other children that need your

attention as well, it’s not always possible to focus enough

attention on that one student who is disruptive even when you

know you need to do exactly… Continue

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5 Secrets Of Successful Single Parents


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Cheap, Natural, Non-Toxic Ways to Clean Your Home

Expensive cleaning products are not necessary to keep your home looking and smelling clean.

The rest of this article is an excerpt from Cash Stretching 101 by Jerry McColl

"Have you got a cupboard of super cleaning products, half of which you never use?

I used to, but I cleared many of them out, discarding the half-empty, dried out ones and dropping the unopened ones into a local charity shop – they sold the whole box… Continue

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The 6 Main Responsibilities Of Every Mom

In order to be an effective mom, there are 6 basic areas that you need to focus on.

1. Keep Your Children Safe.

This is the primary task during the early years. I’ve heard a child development expert say that your main job during the toddler and preschool years is to ‘stop them from killing themselves.’ In the first few years you have to worry about the dangers of drowning, sharp objects, poisoning, falling, stranger danger and so on.

In later years, you have to worry about… Continue

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7 Ways to Curb Bedtime Battles

Bedtime is one area of parenting that is notorious for creating battles between parents and children.

1. Develop A Regular & Consistent Bedtime Routine.

A routine provides children with a predictable series of steps that helps them to unwind and relax, making sleep easier. The bedtime routine should suit your unique family and can include quiet play, a warm bath, bedtime stories, a snack, brushing teeth, cuddling, a back rub spending some time talking about the day, or… Continue

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How Family Youth Music Brings a Family Together

How Family Youth Music Brings a Family Together

By Gary Whipple

By playing family youth music together, families can be reunited and individual bonds strengthened. There are few ways better to bringing a family together than playing music. When I started learning music it largely involved theory, and I didn't receive the training in acoustic guitar that I really wanted. The result was that I taught myself from books and costly individual guitar lessons that cost me…


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Ditching The Guilt When Parenting The ADD Child

Parenting the ADD Child is difficult enough without adding guilt to the mix.

Always keep in mind that you are not a bad parent in any

way shape or form just because your child has ADHD. As we’ve

said before, some people feel that ADHD is just a myth that

doesn’t truly exist.

This simply isn’t true. ADHD is a medical condition with no one to blame. These

children are demanding and always on the go. That’s just the

way they are. It’s not your fault;… Continue

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10 Ways To Create A Happy Home

Every parent wants to create a happy and loving home, a place where their children can feel safe, secure and at ease. A happy healthy home is essential to the healthy emotional development of a child. Here are ten tips to help you create an environment that children can thrive in.

1. Hug and kiss your children more often. Expressing physical affection is very important to healthy emotional development.

2. Create special moments on a regular basis. It does not… Continue

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Los Angeles Natural History Museum - Bug Fair - Review

Los Angeles Natural History Museum - Bug Fair - FamilyIgloo ratings:

Age Range: 2 and up

Fun for kids 5/5

Educational Value 5/5

Price to Quality Ratio 5/5

Stroller Friendliness: 5/5

Safety : 5/5

Parking: 5/5

The Los Angeles Natural History Museum hosts a Bug Fair every third weekend of May each year. The two-day Bug Fair is an insect extravaganza with hundreds of things to see and do. Governmental agencies, educational institutions, and… Continue

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Pros And Cons Of Being A Single Parent


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