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3 Simple Tips To Reduce Misbehavior In Your ADD/ADHD Child

Where possible, make sure you give your child a good

reason for the behavior you want. For example, tidying up your

room will mean you'll find things more easily.

There are actually some very effective ways to reduce bad


1 Get your child's attention. Address him/her by name and

speak clearly.

2 Keep commands short and simple.

3 Give quick punishments that can be enforced now.

It's not always possible to ignore bad behavior and… Continue

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Starting Baby On Solids

Breast milk is the best food for babies. It provides all the essential nutrients their growing bodies need up until the age of about four months. Around the age of 4 months, babies have depleted the iron levels that they were born with and now need solid food to begin replenishing the iron that is needed for proper growth and development.

Babies who have not tried eating solid foods by that time are likely to experience difficulty in accepting such foods when they reach nine to… Continue

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What to Do With Old Toys

What to Do With Old Toys

By Keith B Carrey

Most of the time kids get toys as gifts during birthdays, Christmas or just by behaving or doing well in school. Parents are usually having a hard time trying to keep all of these toys, the problem: no space. We can't just throw them away to give way to the new batch, right? If you don't want those toys to go to the trash bin, then here are some effective tips for those moms who wanted to have some free space in the…


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Parenting Like a Businessman - Telling Your Kids NO


<head><title>Parenting Like a Businessman - Telling Your Kids NO</title></head>

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<p>Parenting Like a Businessman - Telling Your Kids NO<br>

By Katherine E Thompson </p>

<p>A lot of parents fall into the mistake of over-explaining things thoroughly to their kids for them to understand the rules fully.… Continue

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White Button Mushrooms Can Boost the Immune System

US Department of agriculture researchers present us 1 quick option to maintain the immune system healthy

Did you know the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) funded scientists established that Fresh mushrooms play an essential function in keeping the body's defence mechanism healthy?

In a recent article published in July 2010 from Sciencedaily.com, leading correspondent Rosalie Marion Bliss reported how the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists have conducted an… Continue

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#1 Way to Get Work Done While Your Kids Are Home

#1 Way to Get Work Done While Your Kids Are Home

By Amy Jo Miller

It is summer time and the kids are out of school. They are ready for sun and fun, but there is just one problem... you still have to get some work done.

I love my ten year old son (and his friends) dearly, but OMG is it hard to find time to work. During the summer I am expected to play games, haul kids to the pool, go to amusement parks and birthday parties, feed my son-and sometimes others-…


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4 Parenting Styles All Single Parents Should Avoid.


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2 Newborn Sleep Tips

One of the most difficult things for new parents to deal with is a newborn's sleeping habits. Most of us are familiar with the circles around the eyes of new parents and their complaints about lack of sleep. Here are two baby sleep tips, which will hopefully help both your newborn - and you - to get a solid night's rest.

1. Develop and Stick to a Routine.

One of the most important things you can do in terms of getting your newborn to sleep better is to establish a routine, and… Continue

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