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Problems Associated With Parenting The ADD/ADHD Child

There are many conditions that co-exist with ADD /ADHD such as dyslexia and other learning difficulties, OCD, ODD, and so on.

Beware of lumping in other problems that often

occur in children with ADHD – including depression, anxiety

and learning difficulties – under the single diagnosis of ADHD.

Experts are getting better at understanding the

differences between learning disabilities and ADHD.

Sometimes they can overlap and that can be tricky… Continue

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A Simple Way To Build Your ADD/ADHD Child's Self-Esteem

Focus on the positive: get your child to write a list of

everything she likes about herself, such as her good

characteristics and things she can do.

Stick it on her bedroom wall or in the kitchen, so she sees it every day.

Encourage your child to add to it regularly.

Eliminate Hyperactivity, Increase Attention Span, Eradicate Defiant Behavior and Finally End The ADD/ADHD Nightmare… Continue

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How To Challenge A Sense Of Entitlement In Kids

Does you child feel that you (and the rest of the world) owe him a living?

Is your child spoiled rotten and feels that he should get what he wants when he wants it?

“I Want It Now!” How to Challenge a False Sense of Entitlement in Kids

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Dealing With The Misbehavior That Is Part & Parcel Of ADHD

All children behave badly from time to time, and

sometimes get aggressive, but it's more common for children

with ADHD to have problems with their behavior.

This is because the core symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity

and inattention all affect the way your child interacts.

If you look at how these symptoms can affect a child's

behavior, it's easy to see how they are linked to bad or

aggressive behavior.

1 Hyperactivity causes a child to… Continue

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Could Your Parenting Style Be Making Your Child More Prone To OCD

Dealing with the tough behaviors that children with ADHD can exhibit can push parenting and

teaching skills to the limit.

This means children with ADHD

often receive a lot of negative feedback and critical comments.

It's thought that these negative parenting and relating

styles increase the likelihood of aggressive behavior that, if

unchecked, can lead to oppositional disorder or the more

severe conduct disorder.

Children with ADHD are more… Continue

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Why Punishment Fails With The ADHD Child...and What To Do Instead

Bad behavior often decreases when it costs your child


The three main costs are:

* time,

* money

* and undesirable consequences such as briefly removing your child from an activity he/she enjoys.

The main reasons a punishment fails are:

* because it’s too severe,

* it’s given too late,

* or it’s inconsistent.

Eliminate Hyperactivity, Increase Attention… Continue

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3 Simple Tips To Reduce Misbehavior In Your ADD/ADHD Child

Where possible, make sure you give your child a good

reason for the behavior you want. For example, tidying up your

room will mean you'll find things more easily.

There are actually some very effective ways to reduce bad


1 Get your child's attention. Address him/her by name and

speak clearly.

2 Keep commands short and simple.

3 Give quick punishments that can be enforced now.

It's not always possible to ignore bad behavior and… Continue

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The Problem With Punishing Your ADD/ADHD Child For His Bad Behavior

Avoid punishments that have the potential to harm your

child either physically or psychologically. For example, keep

from insulting your child publicly.

Be careful not to reward bad behavior. For example,

items you buy after a tantrum on a shopping trip could be seen

as a reward. Keep consequences small and instant. It's

consistency that's effective - not severity. Monitor the effect of

the punishment. If it isn't changing behavior, it's time to try… Continue

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Empower The ADD Child With Choices

Let your child make choices for themselves. Instead of

giving them a myriad of options, set out two and let them

choose between one and the other.

ADHD children can’t concentrate on many things all at the same time.

When you taper down choices, you are giving them the ability to make

decisions but you are not overwhelming them either.

Eliminate Hyperactivity, Increase Attention Span, Eradicate… Continue

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Tips For Teaching The ADD/ADHD Child

Speaking from personal experience, this author can tell

you that having an ADHD child in the classroom can be one of

life’s most difficult situations. ADHD children require a lot of

attention and constant supervision to be kept on task.

When there are several other children that need your

attention as well, it’s not always possible to focus enough

attention on that one student who is disruptive even when you

know you need to do exactly… Continue

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Ditching The Guilt When Parenting The ADD Child

Parenting the ADD Child is difficult enough without adding guilt to the mix.

Always keep in mind that you are not a bad parent in any

way shape or form just because your child has ADHD. As we’ve

said before, some people feel that ADHD is just a myth that

doesn’t truly exist.

This simply isn’t true. ADHD is a medical condition with no one to blame. These

children are demanding and always on the go. That’s just the

way they are. It’s not your fault;… Continue

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The Most Common Time For An ADD/ADHD Diagnosis

ADHD is most often recognized and referred for treatment

in third grade. This is when elementary school kids most often

hit the "academic wall."

In third grade they are expected to do more and more

work on their own, and they are given more homework to do as

well. There are also many referrals in seventh grade, or when

the child leaves Elementary School for Junior High School, with

several classes and several teachers.

There are times when… Continue

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Building Your ADD Child's Self-Esteem

A child with ADD Often has a low self-esteem. Because they are more difficult and challenging to deal with, those around them tend to react in a negative manner toward them. Coupled with So how can you help your child with his or her self-esteem?

Praise and reward: you need to make your child feel

positive about himself or herself, so try and give praise

wherever possible. This can be for large or small actions -

for example if she's tried hard at school or has… Continue

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Proper Seating For Better Teaching

Aside from an IEP, what else can you do in the classroom?

These children are very easily distracted, and the classroom is

the worst place for them since there can be so much going on

all at the same time. Consider your seating plan.

1 Move your ADD ADHD student's desk to where there are

fewer distractions, close to the teacher to monitor and

encourage, or near a well-focused child.

2 It is usually better to use rows for seating arrangement

and… Continue

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Teach Your ADD/ADHD Child To Succeed

When you give assignments to the ADHD child, break

them up into small, manageable pieces. By doing this, you are

acknowledging that their attention span is a hindrance to them

and they can complete the smaller parts of an assignment

without losing their train of thought.

It might also help to provide these kids with step-by-step

instructions on how to complete an assignment. Give them a

checklist that allows them to cross off a step once… Continue

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Building Your ADD Child's Self-Esteem Through Unconditional Love

Love and trust are vital ingredients if your child is to develop a healthy self-esteem.

Don't attach conditions to your love.

Your child needs to know you love her no matter how she


Tell your child she's special and let her know you

trust and respect her.

This will make all the difference in the world.

Eliminate Hyperactivity, Increase Attention Span, Eradicate Defiant… Continue

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Getting The Support You Need When Parenting Your ADD/ADHD Child

ADHD can be a difficult problem to understand

and cope with. When you are faced with this disorder in any

way, it can be extremely beneficial to surround yourself with

people who know how you feel.

You can pool your resources to find help and get support

that will help you cope with the daily frustrations of ADHD. So

where do you find that support?

Start by looking around your community. Talk to a

doctor, contact the local hospital, or even at… Continue

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Building Your ADHD Child's Self-Esteem Through Hobbies

Sports and hobbies: joining a club or having a hobby can

build self-esteem. Depending on your child's interests, the

activity could be swimming, dancing, martial arts, crafts

or cooking.

No matter what the hobby, your child will gain

new skills to be proud of - and for you to praise.

Sometimes children with ADHD will go off their activity, so

be prepared to come up with new ideas.

For more ideas to help you to cope with your ADD child… Continue

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Helping Your ADD/ADHD Child Deal With Criticism

Part of self-esteem has to do with criticism. You have to

teach your child the best way to deal with that criticism.

Tell them the following and then reinforce it:

1. Listen to what's being said. Don't interrupt to contradict

or make excuses.

2. Agree with it, where possible.

3. Ask questions if they are unsure about anything.

4. Admit mistakes and apologize.

5. Calmly disagree if it's unfair. For example, they can

politely say, 'I don't agree with… Continue

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Why Is Short Term Memory So Important For Your ADD/ADHD Child

I would often get annoyed and frustrated with my ADHD son because I would tell him to finish his snack and get started on his homework only to find him playing outside or watching TV.

When I asked him why, his usual response was that he forgot. He was also very forgetful in general, as most children with ADD are.

ADD kids have trouble with both long-term and short-term memory. The problem these children experience with Short-term memory is that they cannot keep something… Continue

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