Ditching The Guilt When Parenting The ADD Child

Parenting the ADD Child is difficult enough without adding guilt to the mix.

Always keep in mind that you are not a bad parent in any
way shape or form just because your child has ADHD. As we’ve
said before, some people feel that ADHD is just a myth that
doesn’t truly exist.

This simply isn’t true. ADHD is a medical condition with no one to blame. These
children are demanding and always on the go. That’s just the
way they are. It’s not your fault; it’s just the way they are

Sometimes you may wonder why you don't have a nice, quiet child
instead of the livewire who never listens. But there are a
number of reasons why children develop ADHD... none of which are your fault.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, your
parenting style can influence how you and your child deal with
ADHD. There is no one right way or one wrong way.

Dealing with a child who acts before she thinks things
through, loses and breaks things and forgets what you've said
30 seconds later can be frustrating and stressful.

It can drive you to the point where you give up on discipline, and find
yourself being snappy, critical or even hating your child.

You need help to deal with the difficult behaviors and
accept that you're not perfect - and that what works for one
child might not work for yours.

Just as you might be dealing with some self-esteem
issues when it comes to your ADHD child, your kid is dealing
with the same issues in their own way.

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