How to pack a diaper bag for hospital

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and going to the hospital for delivery is a life changing event but can also be stressful. You want to be ready with all your baby's needs as you come home. So what do you pack in your diaper bag?

Items to put inside the bag for your Postpartum…

For mom:

- comfortable clothing
- toiletries like soap, face wash, brush, lip balm, shampoo, toothbrush and paste, lotion, etc.

For baby:

- a change of baby’s clothes
- diapers
- wipes
- plastic bag to dispose of dirty diapers or outfits
- sheets e blanket
- towels
- bibs
- creams

And don’t forget to put your diaper bag in a place easy to remember, because you will need to take it at any time!

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- socks
- A really big t-shirt of my husbands so that I didn't have to wear that awful hospital gown. (Makes it a lot easier to walk around.)
- Clean sweats ( for time spent in the hospital and going home)
- A much bigger pair of jeans! (I had to wear my maternity shorts home and it was cold outside!)
- Robe and slippers
- Pajamas
- my own underwear
- Clothes to wear home


- Little instant formulas even for breastfeeding mothers it is nice to have a back up just in case.
- clean shirt for mom

Older babies/toddlers:

- Toys and books to keep baby occupied
- snacks/juice box for me and for preschooler

Thanks to: the parent site

How to Pack a Diaper Bag for a Day at the Hospital

Pack enough diapers for your child to be out of the house for at least eight hours. You may think that you are only running to the hospital for a quick appointment with a specialist, only to find out that you have to spend the entire day there. This is what happened to me. I went for a consult on my daughter's foot, after two consults, x-rays, and a fitting for a brace, we were leaving the hospital 6 hours later. For this trip, you will want to place a full size tub of baby wipes into your diaper bag. The small travel packs of wipes will not cut it on a day at the hospital.

You will need at least two outfits packed in your diaper bag for a day at the hospital. These outfits need to be ones that are easy to put on. Odds are that when you are trying to change your child's outfit, she will be upset about being examined by the doctor. Keep the clothing simple for the trip to and from the hospital.

Thanks to: Ehow

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