How to Host a Cooking Class for Kids
By Teri M Lemke

If cooking is your passion and you would like a little extra money, why not host a kid's cooking class? Kids love to cook and learn new things. Here are a few tips to help you plan a fun cooking day with kids.

  • Make an invitation flyer and email it to neighborhood families with kids and your kids' friends.

  • Plan how many kids you want in each session. Sessions should be divided up by like ages.

  • Session length will typically be about 2 or 2.5 hours long, depending on what you decide to do.

  • Plan recipes that kids will be interested in making, but not too difficult for them or involve many steps or ingredients.

  • Examples of fun recipes are pizza pockets, smoothies, mini apple pies, and pasta sauce.

  • Decide on how much to charge each child. Be sure you will make money after purchasing ingredients. $25- $30 per kid is probably in range.

  • Shop for ingredients remembering to keep costs low. Buy inexpensive cheese, apples in bulk, etc.

  • Enlist your kids to help you clean and set up for the class

  • Older teens may be more interested in being a helper in the class, than participating themselves. Encourage them to still be involved. They will learn too!

  • Split up work areas and have supplies at each area. Borrow extra supplies from friends and neighbors if you do not have enough yourself. For example, if you need extra apple/vegetable peelers, cutting boards, or cookie sheets.

  • Be sure all the kids wash their hands when they come in for the class.

  • Explain what you will be doing at the beginning and do a demonstration of more difficult tasks.

  • Be sure kids get to do the work and everyone gets a turn doing most things. Remember you want them to have fun and learn at the same time!

  • Let kids enjoy the food after they make it, and send copies of recipes home. They may want to make them again for their families.

  • Don't worry about messes, they will happen. You can always clean later!

  • Be sure to send some goodies home with the kids and ask them if they would like to come again if you offered another class.

Follow up with a thank you email to the parents and kids! If you had fun and made some cash, you may want to do it again. Your kids will think it was fun to host such an event at their own home and will want to do it again!

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